BlogWatch: The Elegance @ Gary . Pepper . Girl .

Stunning Looks from Nicole . Warne
Tumblr: @garypeppergirl
Blog: garypeppervintage.blogspot.com

The Gary Pepper girl is a Japanese popstar. Famous in her own right, admired by all. She is fun, quirky, confident, passionate, exuberant, with an eclectic sense of style. A chameleon at heart, she changes her spots as many times as she can and makes friends wherever she goes. Life motto? The glass is half full. The Gary Pepper girl is really one of a kind.

I absolutely love her style. She really likes to use those fabric green and glittered creme heels
Maybe you can check out other inspirations @ thrifted heels HERE
only at CHICTOPIA. I visited the link and it's similar to lookbook.nu// displays various looks
from various fashionistas worldwide purely to share a new sense of fashion xoxo

Oh..I'm forgetting to mention...(back to title)
the elegance of her outfits! Love the glittery "MIDNIGHT BLUE" dress 
and the green ZARA jacket. Of course, with the great choice of colours~ greens, gold, oranges, yellows, black, etc. etc. etc.

-Nicole is truly an inspiration-