Michael Kors

Oh yes, Michael Kors in PINK - 
well not really...just...scarlet-pink? Magenta red?
 Oh you know...that colour that everyone's staring at all throughout the year xoxo
This colour won't only hype crazily during Spring/Summer, but also Autumn/Winter :D
why is it so? Personally, I foresee that it is the color's subtleness that makes it "appropriate" and lovely all year long. The subtleness of the color makes it a good bag to wear all year long, and its vibrancy makes it a perfect & stylish bag for feminine street showdown ;D

Love Michael Kors' collection ! It's just...uniquely impressive, in its own way.
oh yes. i got this lovely photograph of a lady and her fantastic bag from
(shh~ one of my fav. blogs to check up on. click for inspirations - Cat)
Okay fellow readers and dears,
today's been a busy day for me. 
busy - busy - BUSYYY!!
so I'll be back soon (perhaps tomorrow) to blog more pics! 
(actually took some pics during my shoe shop adventure today...)
so wish y'all a wonderful day!!

PS. Christmas in 48 hours, for me !! 


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Michelle's Style File said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Gorgeous bag!