MINA SHIN for RAG & BONE D. I. Y. Project

"I have never laughed and smiled in front of the camera like that. I went to Busan and with my colleagues, who are also my best friends, SaeYong Zo, who took the pictures and DukHwa J, SeungHwan Lee who videotaped me. These guys were amazing to do the project with, and we had such a great time. He listened very carefully to what I wanted to show through this project and also helped me to come up with great ideas, and the result I wanted."

Another of my favourite from RAG & BONE DIY CAMPAIGN
Mina Shin looks so gorgeous in all of these photos,
and the photography is so...memorial...
and it's all about simplicity, beauty and elegance.
it has that lovely sepia and B/W touch to it <3

to visit Mina's DIY campaign, visit HERE
but for more detailed info on her photos and outfits, 
visit the RAG & BONE BLOG
*that one's specifically dedicated for Mina's lovely project
got piano lesson now dears~
wish me luck . i'm trying to be accepted into the music school's scholarship program ! ! !


jane said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wonderful campaign. Hanneli's one is also really cool!

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

yes^^ they are all very talented! btw, nice blog~ i like your outfits Jane :D