Project Director : Alberto van Stokkum
Photography & Editing Director : Karlos Sanz
Model : Victoria Bojarskaja
Stylist : Adele Cany
Make-up & Hair : Marina Alejandre
Music : Sara Fontan
Creative Direction : Luciana Mazza , Chalo Bonifacino (Simplyprorsum)
Production Agency : Simplyprorsum

HIDEscape is a film that comments on one of the ‘games’ of our age, namely the way the media feeds our frenzy for celebrities while celebs in turn love to hate the attention. Director Alberto Van Stokkum summarized it succinctly… “Overall we wanted to convey something very specific – the fact the famous model [in the film] hates the camera but at the same time can’t resist it. The film revolves around the model and the camera pursuing her. She tries to escape but does not manage to do so. This is lucky for her as the footage of her is spectacular and she knows it.

Such a wonderful snippet from Ben Trovato.
Just wanted to share this very interesting video with you all
I love how they portray the dual side to modelling and how the constant "face-hunt" eventually transforms a girl who hates the camera into someone who can't resist it.

source: Ben Trovato

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