Quite a decision I made today. As some of you probably know, I've joined Pinterest recently last week. It's been so fun discovering various people in one network uploading, repinning, crediting them in return. I've never had quite that much of a Coachella fever dose in a couple of days (which drove me on the brink of jealousy!! haha^^) But now school's back on and it's my last year in college, so I really need to put all of my efforts into it. Don't worry. I'll be time-managing myself to keep stylehostess active throughout the term and hopefully, share many more exciting times with you all ahead =)

My Pinterest account will still be there. You can visit it through the side bar widget (bold red..love it!), yet it won't be visible through search engines and I won't be uploading any pins until the next term vacation. So right now, I'm having mixed feelings about it. Can't wait for my first class of the new term and so looking forward to reactivating my Pinterest account =D
Now I wish you all a lovely day,

"shoot...I'm late!"
*dashes off to school*