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I am SUPER EXCITED to announce (well, be part of in the very least) that FELLT.COM is officially up and running ! It is not at all a phenomenon for some of us to have clashing opinions on this, after all, the previously much loved blogs of our favourite Australian dearies have proved to be dearly missed after such a short while. You know...the individual blogs with their unique layouts and persona I get after spending time browsing their highly diverse content. From inspirational posts from Yenny Seo to the cute style diary of Margaret Zhang, these ladies have shaped quite a chunky part of my perception on local-based fashion. 

(And ooh, don't forget ~ it's quite heart warming to know that Connie & Yenny are in the same town as I am. Feeling quite content :D)

Yes, right now #FELLT can be a bit weird and possibly, prove too much for us to take in all at once. But remember, this is just the FIRST DAY. Well...only a few hours actually. This is nothing. Surely we will accustom ourselves to its Nowmanifest-like manner soon enough ;) In my opinion, FELLT summed up so many things in one simple website that is clean, chic and professional. I really do miss the individuality and vibrant characters each of these lovely ladies offered in their previous, indie blogs, but I guess it's the media. Everyone moves on. Everyone adapts. I am pretty sure the lovely bloggers from Gary Pepper, Tuula, Zanita, Harper & Harley, Studded Hearts, Kisforkani, Oraclefox, ShinebyThree (have I missed anyone?? if so...please..spare my life!!) view this development to be significant for themselves. Moreover, they can connect with each other closer than ever in a mutual blogosphere. Some of us may think otherwise, regarding that fashion bloggers do not equate to fashion journalism, but as I've previously mentioned, the media is just as fickle as fashion. It always changes. Being a "blogger" and having a "blog" does not restrict you from exploring other areas in the domain, e.g. being a stylist, being a reporter for a fashion magazine, even more, a local magazine editor (woah~ how about that??). 

(a snippet of how professional the site looks. well, more like direct)

Truthfully I regard FELLT.COM as an intergrated fashion platform of no fashion journalism whatsoever. It's just filled with posts different bloggers write about in one site. Summed up and quick. Accessible and direct. And looks more professional. Now the only question remaining is : are these bloggers being used or taken advantage of by the company publishers? I share mixed feelings about this. And yes, I dislike mixed feelings - they turn ugly in discussions. But just to clear things up once and for all, I really do think the site works both ways. These lovely ladies are co-operating together for a mega fashion site (of massive revenue!!) and in return, they always get their fair share back =) If I was in it, I would be happy to join along and agree with the concept. Once you're in, you are always renowned, no matter which site you belong, where you are placed, or who your directors/ site publishers are.
**ps. Remember the giant NOWMANIFEST legend? it's still alive and kicking.

Although it looks like each blogger have this tinnnnyyyy space for them to flourish, in reality, all of them have shaped the way most of us view fashion (from these presumably...small spaces). Great isn't it? 

So what does it all come down to? 
It all comes down to the passion for writing, for sharing news about (fashion) to various readers worldwide, and of course, integrating each other closer than ever. Although there are various people in each site, each of them literally has their own blogosphere, of their own creativity, their own style. Linking them up in one simple, professional site (equipped with Disqus live track!!) just adds up the ease factor for us readers. Oh aren't we precious too??

So everyone, give a hand to these ladies. They truly deserve this new platform ! 
(And one more thing to clear up > FELLT will be a big change in the fashion society of Australia, but they will change nothing, and I mean NOTHING into the potential acknowledgement of other bloggers - who are not yet a part of this wonderful site. I place my hopes as well to be a part of FELLT probably in a few years' time...hardly, seems unlikely...but to those of you who feel that they should be in it, be patient. Your time will come. I believe there has got to be a perfect timing for a perfect cause in every single person's life. If you are not in FELLT and you deserve you should be, either one, place your hopes like me, and improve your blog content and cherish the efforts these lovely ladies will put into the mega site, or two, contact SydneyStockholm to be involved in their various other activities (not necessarily jumping to "partake" in the site immediately, but still...show your interest guys!!). Back then, NOWMANIFEST only had Anna Dello Russo, Rumi Neely and Elin Kling. But now it's grown. So why can't FELLT grow too?)

Hope that clears some things up. Oh my gosh...I wrote so much for a single blog entry. For those of you who have trailed with me this far, thank you so much <3 Hope I didn't bore you...because...oh no, that would be terribubble!! 
terribubble = a word I made up in primary school, which left me with deeply nostalgic memories~

Now, let's wait for a few more days and see whether we'll accustom to the whole new layout of FELLT shall we? It will be quite a different, yet massively rewarding experience. 
(Again, be patient ^^)


Lydia Rose said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I enjoyed that I agree with you there about FELLT! Not sure how I feel! please check out my blog! :)

Sevan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

great article :) I just checked out the site a few hours ago, it's looking really good! xx


Daniel Kjellsson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great post. And lots of relevant feedback.

First: Thank you for writing it. The foundation of FELLT, and I've said this a couple of times the last couple of days, is to create a united platform that can give brilliant writers a payback. In respect, in greater possibilities and in money.

I have worked within this area of the media landscape for almost ten years now, and I know how much heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, effort and such – are put into creating a great blog. It can easily be a full time job. FELLT has succeeded when our writers are acknowledged as the extreme professionals they are and when when that full time work pays a full time wage. The only value of FELLT is their talent. And we have a deep respect for that.

Regarding what is and what is not journalism, we could go on forever. Some of the writers on FELLT are more professional than some fashion journalists on some traditional magazines. Some of the writers on FELLT reach a whole lot more people than many of the traditional fashion magazines. They publish, they create. Talking in terms of a degree or not, absolutely. But again, I have (again) been working within the traditional media for many years and I can tell you - not all journalists are journalists. But most of them are great journalists anyway. And when does a photographer become a photographer? This is so interesting.

I totally agree with you on the "personality matter". A great charm of the FELLT bloggers are that they are different. And they will stay that way. This moment they look more alike than they ever will. It's a launch thing. We will both soon and over time take action to make the individual blogs more… individual. I'd love for you to follow that evolution and give me your feedback. There is nothing more important than realising that this is personal diaries. And they must be treated with such respect.