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Wildfox Couture Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook: We're the Kids in America
Photography: Mark Hunter.
Styling: Kimberley Gordon, Meredith Leyerzaph, Emily Siegs.
Direction: Jimmy Sommers.
Hair: Anna Lee Fiorino, Tyron Dupre.
Make-up: Carlene K.
Models: Olivia Greenfield, Fatima Siad, Tanya Katysheva.

The latest Spring Wildfox collection shows the story of the girly dreamer in all of us. Feel good in what you are wearing, be cool and confident and of course, be a babe. Read the full cover story here. With that being said, it's seriously not easy to select these few pictures out of the whole lookbook. Everything was sweet just like a candy floss, so I'd totally check it out for to look through the entire looks. Shop the latest newbies here


Oh and with that, hope it's not too late but wish you wonderful readers a merry new year! (Merry Christmas for New year?? Don't mind me...I'm talking gibberish) Anyway, if you are in Melbourne, or are planning to visit Melbourne this coming March, don't miss out the coming L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week which mainly runs between 19th to 24th of March. Just wondering if anyone will be going. Then probably we could all catch up ? Wish you all a fancy day lovelies ♥

xx Catherine.


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Gotta love these funny but still gorgeous pictures!