sneak peek into my world...

Earlier today I had the sweet privilege to attend the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) volunteer briefing which provides many girls like me, as future volunteers of the fashion event on various front-house and back-house work during the runwayweek. So glad to say that I am officially part of their fabulous group full of creative, talented people! I have also applied for media accreditation to the shows and on top of that, took a few snapshots of various LMFF exhibitions held throughout this month (will probably share them as soon as I finish adding the final touch-ups). Not to forget that I will be attending the L'Oreal Paris runways sometimes between 20-24th March and an exclusive runway exhibition this Thursday (so if you recognise me, please say hi. I'm quite a newbie haha) I really can't wait to share with you the things that I've been doing this past few weeks and so. Lots of thanks to the creative board of LMFF, official partners, collaborators and fellow bloggers who makes 2013 for me to be a productive and dynamic year not just for me personally, but also Style Hostess, as an independent fashion blog and media platform. I can already foresee what a great year this will be <3 

If you are in Melbourne, haven't heard of LMFF before, and would love to be part of one of the world's biggest fashion festivals, make sure you give L'Oreal Paris a go. Click here to check out the wondeful stuff currently happening all around Melbourne this month and here, to see their vibrant array of programs, from event exhibitions to offsite runways, cultural and textile projects and lots more. 

Thanks for being my precious readers everyone. Love you all so much! xx
ps. yes, I recently opted out for a drastic change to get all fringey~