snap snap.

- Jumping between parties on a fine Saturday morning in some vintage. 
- Couldn't resist to snap mother nature at work on that same day.
- Some flowers for mum's birthday ♥
- Walking through one of my favourite shopping precincts and spotted a small duo singing on an artsy lane.
- Photography club excursion to Conservatory, where they displayed such a beautiful array of seasonal plants and flowers. Definitely a highlight to my day!
- Mixing a bit of summer and winter for uni...one has to be prepared for Melbourne's crazy weather.
- Got this phone case ages ago in red snakeskin and I'm still loving it!
- Catch up dinner with a friend at Spicy Fish. Funny how her definition of 'spicy' was in fact herby, not chilli hot and she never expected what she was in for! #guiltytrip
- My new home for the next few weeks. Camped out in the library + uni longer than total time spent at home studying, eating, sleeping...
- My bus companion :D
- Rewarding myself with a simple chill out break by eating fresh sushi and taking a time out at the backyard with slippers on. Feels really good! 
- Took a snap of this lovely tree on my way to the library...don't you think it looks like calligraphy in a way?
- Family dinner for Chinese New Year is always 1.5x the normal portion
- Getting my first pedicure ^^
- Nature's goodness just outside my house. 

Feeling a bit bored (when I'm supposed to be busily studying) so I decided to compile these together. I guess that's a wrap so far. Hope you like them! 

xx   Cat.