autumn and all the rest.

I need a holiday...
Bagel date at Manchester Press, Melbourne. Love the run-down, woody feel of this place. There's definitely a next time!
Crisp dancing shades of red.
More CBD lovin'...St Paul's Cathedral just opposite Flinders Street station. 
Such a lovely decoration in a shopping centre :) 
Isle of Skye in Scotland easily tops my travel destination wishlist with this surreal view. 
Stocking up on cozy knits for the coming winter...woops it's already here!
Got this pastel pink beauty from Acne today! Some reckon bloggers are simply label-obsessed but the truth is we know which labels are definitely worth the price because of their great quality. Trust me on this being a lasting winter 'investment' :)
Some personal snaps I took throughout May and June so far. First uni exams are coming up and I have to say, I love you multiple choice! (I'm just never good with short answer questions....) Hope you're having a fantastic week like I did too. Gotta get back to the books now though. See you soon ♥

xx Cat. 

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