.Personal Diary.

Once upon a Friday, me and my friend explored around this little jewel of a reserve at Werribee. If you have been there, you probably know there is a zoo, some botany, and a mansion (and a good high tea place at that too!) Unfortunately, we were unable to access the balcony overlooking the beautiful landscape of the entire Werribee floral garden. Well that small loss didn't really matter because we got to see a wedding ceremony there whilst sunsoaking out on the open grass. I will miss moments like these ♥

So yeah, that is all from Werribee :) I guess this is one of the first posts you will see my face in front of the camera. I am generally the photographer behind the lens. Personally, I see myself to be highly awkward in front of the camera (and I guess that's why I chose to create a general fashion news blog instead of a personal style blog...). This is one of my rare 'personal diary' entries and I hope you love it. Always trying to post more of these goodies in the future!