beauty at altuzarra.

Beauty at Altuzarra Fall 2013 show. 
The way they make the peachy and 'bruised' underlids is just amazing. After some beauty research, here are some suggestions to help you loves get the look :)

The core to good make-up are a great skin and a correct foundation. Apply the mineral base to obtain a smooth texture, without clogging the pores. As usual, accentuate on your cheekbones, nose bridge and the T-bar junction above your brow ridges. 
The loose powder allows the foundation to set firmly, as well as the make-up on top to last longer. 
Gently dab on the upper lids then evenly brush the pigment with your thumb outwards. This will leave a very dark 'browny' smudge on your upper lids. Good. Now brush it twice and use the left over pigmnet on your thumbs/fingers and swipe evenly on the lower lids, making a cat-eye shadow on the side. 
A slight dab of rosy pink will help accentuate the shimmer of your eye pigment. The reason why I love MAC is the fact that they have great foundation and eye shadows. This is creamy enough to create a subtle shimmer as well as intensifying the brown smudge on your upper lids to become a rich, wine-red tone. 

If necessary, apply a strong liquid eyeliner then use a pencil charcoal liner on the upper lid. Smudge the colours to add depth into the upper lids, creating an even more vibrant, smoky look. Voila! You're done like an Altuzarra girl. 


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diggin' this look.. real bad.